Rack Services & Inside Wiring

Rack Services

Inside Wiring

We work with Open Source SIP, Proprietary SIP, and Hybrid IP telephone solutions
We follow both Cisco & open soure networking models

We help with both general and advanced IT solutions for:

        • Layer 2: switches, bridges, and VLANs
        • Layer 3: routers, IP routing, firewall/security appliances

We work with most Bay Area (ISPs) (Internet service providers).
We can help cross-connect your service.

We build and support IP gateways (our speciality) for IP, VoIP, & SIP traffic

We handle wiring for Bay Area (San Francisco) and South Bay (San Jose) office locations.
We use CAT-5e / CAT-6 wiring (drops, cable, faceplates, wall jacks, toned, tested, labelled).

CAT-3 telephone wiring runs (2-pair) for digital, hybrid, and/or legacy PBX phone systems.

We follow BICSI International Standards for wiring jobs.